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Hello, and welcome to my newsletter, called Insights.  Please come back here often to gain insights into all of my published works, as well as new and upcoming projects.  My intention is to provide a deeper dive into the stories, circumstances, and characters of every book, thereby providing enhanced visibility into the work and "insider information ".  I welcome any questions you may have about my books, my writing process, or just about anything else on your mind!  Make sure to use the Contact Page to enter your email and get notified of new updates.

Issue 03 - What other books are similar to Through Sacrifice: Freedom that I recommend?

Through Sacrifice: Freedom has many components that can be found in related types of books.  The following is certainly not exhaustive, but they have either similar styles or storylines:

  •   “The Brenner Assignment” – Patrick K O’Donnell – This is a true story of a very daring spy mission that takes place in the Brenner Pass where much of Through Sacrifice: Freedom takes place.  A team of American spies parachute behind German lines to team up with northern Italian partisans...


Issue 02 - Where did Uno the water drop come from?

Uno was fun to design.  As God's first water drop, he is truly special!  It all started with an idea that I had for a cartoon character I could use to tell children about the importance and uniqueness of water.  One day while reviewing some Water@Work documents, I was drawn to the logo and its five water drops.  We worked hard to come up with the logo a long time ago, and each water drop had significance as a pillar in the work done by the ministry.  So I took one of the drops and used it as the original shape and style.  I thought it was important ...

Uno the water drop.jpg


Issue 01 - How did the title of Through Sacrifice: Freedom come about?


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