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ISBN - 9781515188698

THIRSTY FOR CHRIST captures the Water@Work story from initiation and incredible growth into the largest nonprofit water supplier in the Dominican Republic.  The Best Selling chronicle brings to life the experiences of those that serve the ministry, as well as the conditions, tragedies, and triumphs involved in developing its world-leading model for sustainable clean water solutions in developing countries.  

The book is divided into four segments and also includes a complete Small Group Discussion Guide to facilitate thought-provoking and impactful conversations.

Part 1 – Who Needs a Road Map?

    A discussion of personal growth and testimony


Part 2 – The Birth of Something Special

    The pitfalls of entrepreneurial ministry and ministry operations


Part 3 – Growing the Baby

    Developing a sustainable clean water program and fine-tuning the ministry

Part 4 – Can Ministry Really Change Anything?

    Transformation of both the servant and those served

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