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It's Uno!

Join Uno, the first water drop ever made, as he journies through the Bible and shares its important stories with your child.  As the first water drop created by God, they share many special moments that help Uno develop a trusting relationship with God.  Uno's adventures will stimulate your child's imagination as he travels to the faraway and wonderous places in the Bible.  Your child will learn important biblical truths and delight in the bright, happy illustrations.  

Perhaps most importantly, they will grow in their understanding of how special they are., and be comforted in seeing how God knows and loves them.  Your child will learn, through the relationship of Uno with God, that a personal relationship with God is the best thing possible when they get scared or confused.

Written for early readers up to age 8, parents will enjoy reading these familiar stories to their very young children until they can read the stories themselves.  Plus, every reading book includes a special Uno Coloring Book as a bonus surprise!  Immediately following the storybook is a coloring book identical to the reading book so your child will be able to match, or try their own, colors.

The Uno series includes seven individual reading and coloring books, and one complete set that includes all seven reading and coloring books.  Join Uno in sharing early-learning Bible stories with your child!

Author Tom Flaim is an Ordained Minister of the Gospel.  He is also the Founder of the Water@Work Ministry, an internationally recognized ministry bringing clean water and the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the rural poor of the Dominican Republic.  The character of Uno was inspired by the logo of the ministry.  50% of all profits from your purchase will be donated directly to the Water@Work Children's programs, where the Gospel is shared through the blessing of clean drinking water with children of all ages.

For information on Water@Work, please click through to its website at:  To make a direct donation, please click through to:

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Noah Final Cover Thumbnail in JPG.jpg

Noah and the Flood

Final Moses Cover Thumbnail in JPG.jpg

Moses Parts the Red Sea

Final Jonah cover Thumbnail in JPG.jpg

Jonah and the Giant Fish

Baptism Final cover thumnail.jpg

The Baptism of Christ

Coming June 15, 2024
Final Resurrection Cover Thumbnail in JPG.jpg

The Resurrection Meeting

Coming June 15, 2024
Christmas Final Cover Thumbnail in JPG.jpg

Uno's Big Christmas Journey

coming soon box.png

Uno's Complete Reading and Coloring Book Set

Coming July 1, 2024

Uno's Complete
Reading Book Set

Uno's Complete
Coloring Book Set

Coming July 1, 2024
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