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ISBN - 9798871552445

On January 4, 1943, Mussolini’s Black Shirts broke into Angelo’s home and forcibly conscripted him into the Italian Army.  After three months of counterinsurgency training, he deserts while in transport to the Russian front.  Organizing a band of guerilla partisans, he brazenly conducts many missions of sabotage and espionage.  Over the course of the war, the team is slowly decimated except for Angelo and his cousin.  Catching the eye of the American Office of Strategic Services (OSS), he becomes a contracted agent of both the American and Russian governments.  Finding himself in Berlin for the war’s final assault consumes every last bit of valor. 

With the war concluded, but still subject to the very dangerous times, the American OSS provides safe transport across the ocean.  On the journey, he meets the girl of his dreams and is faced with a life-defining decision; becoming a common immigrant slaving in Chicago factories with her as his wife or becoming a European field agent in the newly formed CIA without her.  He may have been a brilliant guerilla strategist, but now struggles from woeful inadequacy.

In this novel about Angelo Flaim, the author's father, and based on true and historical events, the reader experiences a life seldom explored in an environment of danger and survival.  Angelo was a member of “the greatest generation”, but with a unique and incredible twist. 

What the Press is Saying:

Below are video and podcast interviews about THROUGH SACRIFICE: FREEDOM between the Author and various media outlets.

L. Todd Wood

A video interview with Fox News contributor and celebrated author L.Todd Wood.

Justin Arnold

A voice interview with the host of the All Around Hall Podcast, Justin Arnold.

An interview with Justin Arnold that is coming soon

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