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Hello, and thanks for your interest in my books.  I've been formally published since 2015, but have been writing for professional journals, technical and business publications for several decades.  My writing happens in my "off" time, generally evenings and weekends.  Normal business hours are taken in a range of entrepreneurial pursuits.  

While I'm a graduate civil engineer with post-graduate studies in Management and Organizational Behavior, I haven't formally practiced since several years after graduation.  Instead, I chose to go into a variety of businesses that I've initiated, grown, and sold over the years.   As a serial entrepreneur, I've been blessed to be involved in many technologies, and hold two patents for emergency water purification.


I've personally deployed water purification technologies on five continents in response to natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes.  As a subject matter expert on bringing clean water to people in need, I've appeared on FOX NEWS, CNN, CBS, and ABC, and a number of internet-based news outlets. 


With my primary goal to serve Christ in all my efforts, I founded the Water@Work Ministry, which is the subject of THIRSTY FOR CHRIST.  While writing it was a labor of love, THROUGH SACRIFICE: FREEDOM has been a lifelong dream as its subject is the incredible and inspiring life story of my father.  My prayer is that you find either both uplifting and entertaining.

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