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On June 1, 2023, my wife Sue and I departed on the trip of a lifetime. The main purpose of the trip was to hike to many of the sites that are impoortant to the story of my father in WWII and told in the book. Of course along the way we experiensed many other great locations.

Of the seven weeks we were gone, about two focused on the book sites. I have attached those days from the trip on the blog that follows. We were blessed to find many caves, battle sites and more. We even got to spend an afternoon with a cousin that I had never met. Her mom was the aunt that raised my father for nearly ten years in Genova after my grandmother came to America. She is also the niece of Nini , who was my father's right hand and who plays prominently in the book.

I hope you enjoy sharing this very special trip with us, and get a better persective of what Trentino and the regions of the book are really like. We visit the site of the Battle of La Villa, the castle where Pietro was tortured to death, and many more.

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