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Hi everyone! On June 1, 2023, my wife Sue and I start the trip of a lifetime. The main purpose will be to hike to many of the sites that are impoortant to the story of my father in WWII and told in the book. Of course along the way we will be seeing many other great locations:

Week 1

  • the Swiss Alps, including the Madderhorn

  • the French Alps, including Mount Blanc

  • the Lake Como region

Week 2

  • the Italian Dolomite range (part of the Italian Alps)

  • Many of the battle and important locations described in THROUGH SACRIFICE: FREEDOM

Week 3

  • the Austrian Alps (all the way to Vienna)

  • stops in Hungary and Slovenia

Week 4

  • Picking up our great friends, Julie and Jim Philpott, in Venice

  • Venice and a re-visit to the Dolomites

Week 5, 6 and 7

  • Staying in the Cinque Terra and making day trips to Florence, Italian wine country, and all the wonderful sites of Tuscany

I hope you will join us on this very special trip and enjoy our daily updates complete with jvideos and photos. If you wish to order (more) copies of the book, you will need to get them from Amazon in my absence:

Anytime after our trip, you can get an autographed book directly from me at

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