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Another Impossible Find - Found!

Today was another great day. I know, they all are. We started out by saying goodbye to Lago di Tenno and the home my grandfather and grandmother built, and the place of my father's birth. It was hard, but I feel so blessed to have had the time, and to have had the opportunity to do a little fishing (sorry, I mean catching!).

Our first stop was an antique community that is many hundreds of years old, and the locals do not allow any improvements. They are only allowed to maintain their homes. Canale is a quiet reminder of days long gone.

From there we took a chance. My hope was to find the meeting place of my father and Paolo, the Regional Commander of Partisan Forces in Veneto, that was really important to dad's journey. I knew it was a building at least one hundred years old, and I had a description of the interior that is described in detail in my book. I assumed that Paolo would pick a place for the meeting in his territory. So we drove to Navene looking for the near impossible. But as soon as we crossed from Trentino to Veneto, there was a building that fit the overall description. It was closed but I could see inside and spoke with someone that showed me the original building from that time and it for perfectly. Then, amazingly, I was introduced to an 87 year old woman who has lived above the restaurant her entire life. She was right years old when my father would have come through. She said she remembers well that the partisan Commander, Paolo, used to meet with partisans in the restaurant all the time during the war. Not only that, she said Mussolini actually would eat there often. As we walked around the building, every detail fit. Incredible. After eighty years to have not only h found the building, but an eye witness as well, is really something. The building has had many renovations, but this is the building now, and the inside where the meeting took place.

From here we drove to see the largest castle in all of northern Italy. It was never conquered in over fourteen hundred years. It has been completely restored to is original prominence, and it's really a giant.

So that's it for another really special day. I keep finding all the spots in the book that I go for. I never would have dreamed I would find any.

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